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Wakonda Elementary
4845 Curtis Avenue
Omaha, NE 68104-1300

Phone: (402) 457-6737
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Wakonda Elementary School is located at 4845 Curtis Avenue in Omaha, Nebraska.  Wakonda gets its name from a Native American word which refers to the "Great Spirit" who was the provider of all things needed for a happy life including land, rain, and sunlight. Our school serves a diverse population in grades Pre-K through Fifth. Our core values are centered around leadership, excellence, and greatness. Wakonda Elementary was chosen as the first Turnaround School in the state of Nebraska for the 2015-16 school year, with key initiatives focused on increasing student achievement through technology, data, and behavioral goals.


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Omaha Public Schools- School Improvement Plan

Wakonda Elementary Growth Goals for 2015-2016


Goal Area: Mathematics

Focus Skill(s): Number Sense, Measurement, and Data Analysis/Probability

Strategy:  Gradual Release with skills groups during guided and independent practice using hands-on/experience based activities, Mental Math, Guided Math, Math Talks, Specific skills during Interventions, Student Engagement Strategies, Targeted Tutoring, Student Data Tracking Notebooks, Ongoing PLCs around data

Measurable Objective (growth goal): Increase NeSA-M scores by 5%


Goal Area: Reading

Focus Skill(s): Vocabulary

Strategy: Six Step Vocabulary, Explicit Instruction, Imagine Learning, Student Engagement Strategies, LLI, Specifics skills during interventions, Targeted Tutoring, Student Data Tracking Notebooks, Ongoing PLCs around data

Measurable Objective (growth goal): Increase NeSA-R scores by 5%


Goal Area: Writing

Focus Skill(s): Ideas, Organization, Sentence Fluency, Voice, Word Choice and Conventions

Strategy: Writers workshop model and focused mini lessons, graphic organizers, Student Engagement Strategies

Measurable Objective (growth goal): Increase NeSA-W scores by 5%


Goal Area: Positive Behavior Supports (Climate)

Focus: Procedures for correcting problem behaviors are implemented, Creating a culture and climate (school environment) conducive for learning and creating a welcoming environment by way of social skills on climate survey

Strategy: School Wide Management System-Tiered Behavior Chart, CHAMPS (Safe & Civil Schools) with Common Area Observations, The Leader in Me-7 Habits of Effective Kids (Stephen Covey), Morning News reinforcement, Guidance lessons, Student Celebrations-Hallway Celebrations (Wildcat Dash), charms, WOW Bucks, Staff Incentives, Family Support Liaison to support families

Measurable Objective (growth goal): Students use appropriate social skills on climate survey, 5% staff increase, 5% student increase, 5% parent increase

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